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Core Values


Core Values is an initiative headed by Fr. Philip Larrey, author and professor at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, that seeks to unite industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the digital age.


Christopher Lamb


Christopher Lamb is a journalist in Rome corresponding for The Tablet and contributing to BBC, The Vatican Insider, and The Sunday Times. In anticipation of having his first book published, Chris partnered up with Longbeard to launch his personal brand in order to increase awareness of his writings. I was tasked to design his website. The concept would capture a sense of elegance, professionalism and trust, while a photo session would highlight his personable character.

Southport Dental Care


Southport Dental Care is based out of Calgary, Canada. In collaboration with Andrew Peloso Media (now Veklabs), I designed the new website layout and aesthetic to create a website that is easier to navigate as well as giving it a more modern feel.

Brooklyn Priests


Brooklyn Priests was created to inspire young men to discern the priesthood as well as to keep candidates and parishioners informed about formation in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In collaboration with DeSales Media Group and Longbeard, I was was tasked to design the entire website.


Monks of Norcia


The Monks of Norcia from Italy suffered a devastating earthquake. In order to inform their supporters worldwide they sought Longbeard to redesign their website, as it would now tell a story about their progress to rebuild their monastery

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